Monday, November 9, 2009

Princess Lost to Rock Star

The difference one year can make in my little girls life. Last year my daughter just wanted to be a butterfly princesses for Halloween. So I looked for butterfly fabric and made her custom. One I was very proud of.

Then one day this spring I made the mistake of taking my daughter to a girl movie while the boys went to see a guy flick (something like GI Joe) The girl flick I chose Hannah Montana . It was over princess gone forever in one afternoon. Cinderella was out and Miley was in… She never saw the show but knew she loved the concept of Hannah, the singing, the blond hair, and the fun outfits. She watched the end and kept asking mommy why are they following Hannah?(if you saw the movie you understand) Not yet understanding the adoring fans Ms. Montana has. For weeks she thought they were to separate people Hannah and Miley. The she got it … She really has never watched the show because it is too mature for her (I don't even let the kids watch sponge bob…I know I am weird) Hannah friends has a boyfriend and they . But the Marketing on the Montana personal is so strong she is every where from lunch boxes to yogurt to band aids.. Disney is like a kids drug dealer uping the anti to keep them hooked… so sad really because before the age of 5 they are out of princesses.

So this year for Halloween need less to say …

I made the dress…but the boots are my favorite.
My husband went as Billy Ray Cyrus

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Sheri said...

So cute! You guys have the BEST costumes. :)