Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Honest Santa

Santa questions....

An couple of weeks ago I took the packages to the Post Office and there was 2 bag…way too many to count packages.   The lady behind me was not too happy neither were the other behind her.  So as I walked up the counter Miguel says to me…"back shipping more Sherry?".  The lady grunts in disgust…  I say.. "of course my work is never done because I am the "real" Santa Claus"… then I look down to the little girl sitting at my feet.. "She looks at me with those big eyes,  so sad.  I think quick…I say "Mommy is only joking honey, I am like an elf. "… I am the worst…

Recently  out with a friend's son and daughter.. the Boy asked me what I do all day, I say "I make superhero capes"  His old sister said  to him…"Like yours"..  He replied "but Santa got that for me."  I said "that is right I help Santa."   Which is true…

It has been a tough year keeping Santa under wraps because I can't lie. Case in Point , my son who is almost 9 is fishing for an Santa answer.  So in front of my MIL and my Mother , my son states … "You and Daddy put the gifts under the tree..?" I look at him and say…"I neither confirm nor deny if we do".  I know wrong answer.  My mother scolded me later…. She said I need to keep it going  and should have said yes Santa is real.   My friend said push the sprit of Santa and Christmas…which I like better. 

 So my son has been dancing around the unconfirmed issue with spilling it to his 4 year old sister… so we needed to have a talk.  I said "look your sister has every right to believe and you have no right to take that experience away from her so lets make it magical for her."   So I noticed after the talk he told Santa what he wanted to have for Christmas, he made sure there was cookie and an carrot on Christmas eve.  He even noticed that Santa for got to put out "Mommys and Daddys"  stockings.   He got with the Santa Program.

When he was 5 he asked me where babies come from…I simply told the truth  "cells divide"  that is how babies are made…He accepted my logical answer and carried on.    (I will tell him the real fact now at 9 but at 5 he was too young)

So maybe my hazy honest answers do work after all….  Maybe I do believe in Santa.

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