Friday, March 27, 2009

Still trying to build a time machine????

Reasons for lack of new clothing designs...I know excuses, excuses, excuses.....

1- 2 kids birthdays in the past 2 month- Done (reminder do a post about girls party)
2- needed a new camera, for pictures- done (reminder do a post on new camera)
3- busy with capes- continuous (reminder get more help)
4- too many hockey practices for my son- done tournaments is this weekend YAY (reminder get a gift for the coach)
5- Taxes- have to do them- next hoo
6- Went to meeting for women's group on the over scheduled child... how about the over scheduled mom... scary to think I went to a meeting to discuss how we all have no time...Done.. not sure If I learned anything but it was nice to laugh all evening
7- Still trying to build a time machine????


New Items ...So I used my new camera and took pictures new shirt. Someone asked me why don't I make more clothes and why are most of my clothes OOAK (one of a Kinds)? When I sew capes and super stuff all the time (not that I am complaining) I need breaks to design some clothes for mental designs outlet. This shirt was one afternoon of such a break, hence the OOAK, because usually I am playing with fabric and having fun.

I LOVE designing clothes since that is what I am trained to do but I also like making capes... so I try to balance both.