Friday, April 3, 2009

Tea for 10

My daughter 4th birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I let my children give me the idea of the theme then I run with it. This year for her 4th birthday She wanted a Butterflies Princess “lemonade” Tea party. Lemonade because we would serve that instead of Tea.
This was a theme I felt I could run with.

My husband did the invites and they were awesome it helps to have a graphic artist in the house. We also included on the invitation it would be great if the girls could dress for the party,

My first idea was get wings. I found them on ebay seller Fairy_Princess I started out by getting from. She sold a 12 pack which was prefect because I invited 10 girls. They arrived in 3 days.

Then the favors I wanted to give the girls tea cups, real tea cups. The idea was they could use them at the party then take them home afterward. So I search for tea cups. I went to thrift stores 2nd hand stores. I purchase cup and saucers not necessary matching to each other or the cup to the saucer. Long as they we not chipped the were good. I was able to find enough and them some extra. Also during my shopping trips I picked up a lace table cloth, and various other pinks and flowers table covering.

Then I was thinking Dress up. So I picked up some costume jewelry I stopped by a local store Bittersweet village 278N Keswick Ave Glenside, Pa 19038 . While I was there I told the owner about my daughters party. The owner said “do you have hats for the party?” I said “no, I was thinking it”. She gave me 5 hats for the party for free. So at the party I set up a dress up station for the girls complete with boa,additonal dresses, hats, a jewelry box full of jewels and a full length mirror ($6 @ Target).

I was able to borrow the tea pots from my mother and cake stands from my friend. For the deco I set up a long 6” table I layered the table cloths and set the table. I happen to have and excessive amount of pink satin (not that I make capes for a living). Using the 3m comand hooks Placed at a slant, using ribbon, I hung fabric from the walls, using the ceiling fan as my base. I used 2 entire bolts of fabric 90 feet in total for the drapes. The hooks are great, they have been up for 3 weeks and still hanging.

The food was what else tea sandwiches. Peanut butter, PB&J, and Cucumber/cream cheese all on white bread, with the crust cut off cut into 4 parts. My husband made 12 sandwiches for 10 girls. We had Countrytime pink lemonade. For the desert cupcakes. I make them be the flowers on the table. See my next blog post on how to make them.

All the girls showed up dress in either princess dresses or fairy costumes. The activities went like this The girls made bracelets with pony beads, them some shrink dinks to add to the bracelets (with jump ring), they had time at the dress up station to become more fabulous. Then the Ladies” sat and had tea. They were all very prim and proper. Then gifts and out side to play. I love march birthdays you can never tell with the weather.

For my daughter gift I was able to find a amazing crafted tea set on etsy from KymminNC my MIL was generous enough to pay for it. The seller was great, it arrived on time and fit the parties theme perfect. It is a real tea set and my Dd loves it and it will be cherished always as a keepsake as she grows. If you know a little girl who loves tea I Hhighly recomend using Kymm. Also she informed me she can provide replacement parts if need and it is food safe.

Once the party was over my daughter promptly asked for another tea party for her next birthday.

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frugalframes said...

You throw the best parties! I am so going to pick your brain when the time comes for me to plan one of these things. beautiful photos! & Happy Birthday, Erin!