Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bugs in My Tub!

How to make Insect Amber Glycerin Soap:

Clear Glycerin Bar Melt n’ Pour (40.00 10lb or 9 for 2lb)
1 Bag of Bugs 2” big
Soap mold (I prefer the bars)
Food Coloring (yellow or orange) (u can use really soap dye but not necessary, you use such a small amount it will not dye skin)
Large Knife
Large microwaveable glass bowl

Since I was doing this for my sons party I bought the large 10lb thing of glycerin soap at Michael’s. I used a 50% off coupon so it was $20.00. Tip also Michael’s will take competitors coupons on one item (so u can use ACMOORE or Joann’s) I also purchased the molds 3.69 for the mold you only need one. I preferred the bar mold with no design because it looked like real amber.

1- Take the block out of the plastic tub and using a knife cut in 1” slice. Be careful It is hard to cut straight the knife tends to slide.
2- Then cut the slice in smaller squares 1”x 1”. Try to make them similar sizes other wise the larger ones take longer to melt.

3- I cut 1 slice for every 4 bars.
4- Follow the directions to melt in microwave. I microwaved it for 1 1/2 mins stirred , 30 seconds stirred gently not to cause bubbles and repeated 15-20 second intervals to melted.
5- I then added the food coloring.

6- I pour the a small amount in each mold as a base and let it cooled. I did this because when I poured the mold full the bugs just sank to the bottom, because the soap is not a suspension formula. (the suspension formula is not clear and therefore ruins the effect of the insect suspended in amber).
7- Once base layer of soap cooled partially 15-20 min. I reheated the remaining soap and stirred gently not to cause bubbles..
8- Mean time my son was choose the bugs and placing them in the molds for there encasing in amber.

9- I poured the soap over the bug. Not to quickly because you will get bubbles. If the soap is still hot u can use a toothpick to move the bubbles to the side of the mold.

10- Let the mold sit, they can be pushed out of the mold at about an hour but I would let them sit for 2 hours o they can be hard.

11- I then repeated and made 36+ bars of soap .. my husband was playing with the soap also.
12- I wrapped my soap in plastic wrap.
13- I then use Microsoft word and the label feature to make labels, it even let me add clip art in through word of bugs. The label helped keep plastic wrap on.

Cost :
20.00 soap ($40.00 but 50% off coupon)
8.00 bugs
3.69 molds
1.00 (or less fro plastic wrap)
32.69= total made 36 + bars

.90 each for a real cool favor and also the soap did not turn cloud like the store glycerin soap (Neutrogena) so the bugs we always visible once in use in a kid tub time.

The only compaint i have hear from my freinds is once the soap is gone they get in their tub and bug is in there tub. Which can really suck at 6am when you don't have your contacts in.


elaine nichols johnson said...

I LOVE these. Such a great favor! Thank you so much for posting the how-to. How much food coloring did you use?

BabyPop said...

I just squeezed in a few drop until I got the color I desired. I used concentrated food coloring it might take more if you use supermarket brand.