Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lollipop Store

Today’s discussion with my daughter:

We are driving home from an outing we pass our Bank … other wise called the Lollipop store (because they just don’t have money but Lollipops.

She says “I am Hungry…Mom I want a Lollipop”

She says “there is the Lollipop Store”

I say “But I don’t have to go to the bank today dear”

She say directing me “That is ok just go in and tell them: Your Daughter wants a Lollipop if they would be so kind to give one to me for her”

I said” Oh is that what I should say”

She said” Say it Just Like I said it Mommy and they will give you one”

Everyday she get more and more determined I am so scared for 15.

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