Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Favorite book When I was 5

This Book was my favorite book as a child . The book The Lonely Doll was created in 1957' by a Dare Wright. I remember checking the book out from the school library through out grade school. The book I checked out was a hardcover book with a thin plastic protector on it. I think it was the first book I ever check it out and remember checking it out more than once as a kid. I can still smell the must old smell of the book which must have been 20+years old when I checked it out 1976.

The basic idea of the book is of a Lonely Doll named Edith alonely doll being visited by 2 Teddy bears, who decided to stay. Mr. Bear is the father figure. The doll and little bear are the children who get in trouble. It is all black and white photos of a a doll with teddy just the way you dreamed when you made them talk when you were 5 and the toys come to life it is a beautiful book.

One day I was looking through Barnes Noble and there it was all the memories from my childhood flooded back. I purchased this book for my daughter at once.

The funny thing is the book has one part where little bear and Edith get in trouble. Mr. Bear spanks the Edith and Little Bear, this part I did not remember after 30 years. This book is a book that would be taboo nowadays for the spanking. When Specking with a freinds recalled the book and said they would not get it because of this spanking picture even though they loved the book as a child. In the end I love the fact Mr Bear would be there even when she was bad, gets punished, she still is loved, and the doll would never be alone again and that was the point of the story. I decided to let my daughter enjoy the book as I always have and we simply skim over this part. (Times have changed). My Daughter loves Edith and little bear she looks forward to them at bed time.

Sometimes it is good to remember the past and be a kid again. I might have to get Dare's other books.

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