Sunday, September 28, 2008

The One who dies with the most fabric Wins!

So My husband left early this morning to go hunting ...I know poor deer, you must excuse him he is not from the city but... we love him any way. He is an Archer so it is a long wait with no results. I am rooting for the deer.

Inspired my Suze Orman... "if you space is in order so will be your life..."

So as I look around the room where I sleep and work. I am just tired of looking at the mess. Spend more time in the bedroom than is humanly possible. We have been meeting with the builder and architect but my gut says I will not have my studio til after the Holiday rush. So I come up with a plan, at 6:30 Am it is dark out side. I will simply have to stream line the bedroom in to a more usable space. So I get less frustrated and more efficient.

So I have decide to move out any fabric or items that is currently not in use. I move it in to the space where the studio will be. I am having the Hubby make a Shipping Area instead of using the window sill and iron board. I hate moving the iron board to get to my socks.
I go to Ikea ...but the great large containers I purchased in the longer there...they went small again. So I go to the dreaded Walmart. But I think long term less stress = Happy Mommy, so i purchased the containers from the root of all evil (another day different story me and Walmart, apparel ... not good)

I come home and start sorting...Spring fabrics, Fall Fabric, quilting fabric (I love each fabric they are like Babies... But wait I start a "What Were you Thinking" Fabric Pile, my dd helps he thinks it is why can't he do this with his room. I clean out my sewing closet, this is room 5'X7" where one of my machines is located... i call it my "Big Machine" Juki TL98 it is a great machine.

I also got rid of some UFOs' which was really great and did no hurt at all . The pitch pile grows more fabric goes in and it feels great! I started cleaning under the bed... it was scary i finished mine side still have to do the hubbies which is worse because i cut on that side.

I purchased lifts for the table so I can stand up and it does not hurt my back. I am also moving all the deco pillows out and storing them else where. They never make it to the bed any way unless i know someone new is coming to the house, plus I needed the space.

I would show pictures but it really was not pretty before or during. It looks like a fabric warehouse threw up. 1 box 3 garbage bags , 2 bags of Batting... I feel free!. I will let my fabric go in to the world to make others happy as it did me. I am not done I will be tomorrow. I went from being a fabric hoarder to a free fabric goddess.

I am going to free cycle the fabric. Organize is my new "it" word. Next week the Linen Closet!

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