Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spoiled Rotten Dog!

So I wanted to discuss lazy dog…or the spoiled dog. I look over this morning and see this on my new couch head propped up on a pillow. My dog is a Male Red (brown) Doberman completely unclipped (meaning he has a tail, and ears have not been docked) and the first animal I felling love with. Hershey is his name. When he first arrived at our home he was about a year and ½ old and wild. He was a pound dog we adopted. He was born to run…(away that is) he is a very social dog and loves people. He would off like a bullet, the only way to catch him is by car and pray someone is outside to pet him so he stops. He thinks running is a game of keep away and he is always it. I think his previous owner just got sick of chasing him.

One day 10 years ago shortly after I took Hershey out to a craft show. He was "not so" good on lead pulling me down the street all 80 lb. of muscle, but at the show he stopped to let everyone pet him. Hershey fate was decided that day he was here to serve others. "We" Hershey and I signed up for training classes. 5 classes over 2 years and I thought Hersey was ready. He became a pet therapy dog for Broward County Human Society. Yes a Doberman not mean and scary but goofy and playful. He was born to visit people. He never laid down in any hospital rooms he was there for the people, to bring joy to others. We would visit 2 nursing homes every week for the next 4 ½ years. Hershey was amazing people who had strokes, many of the patients could not speak and cried when they saw him. Hershey would take there hands by putting his nose under it then push it up so they could pet his head. Many of the people had not visitors. So Hershey and I were it. Hershey knew when he was working he was all business when we went for visits Never resting till the ride home.. He is amazing.

Then I had my son and tried to continue but it was had so when 6 months after having my son and going back to work. Hershey and I had to stop volunteering .
We then moved to Philly. 3 years ago Hershey was hit by a car. His front leg was crushed. They gave me the option of removing the leg or fixing it. I chose the latter. They put in a steel bar, wire, and 7 screws. Because of his size the screws back out and he had to go back in for more surgery repeatedly. He was in a cast for 9 months and very sick. I call him my bionic million dollar dog. My advise for every pet owner 2 words - Pet Insurance.

He currently is a couch dog who smells old, though if he gets the chance he will take off and visit the neighborhood (this past week it was twice). I am thankful every time a strangers calls and says they found him. So when I said I purchased a new couch just for my dog. I really mean it. Hershey is a 14 year old Dobermans, who is spoiled, amazing, loves my kids, and deserves to be lazy!

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