Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy School Started!

This time of year brings many moms back to a state of peace and I am one of them. Kids go back to school, I get more accomplished and the wonderful change of seasons brings me back to fond fall memories. So My DD started preschool this Monday, she starts really late. I was looking for something special for her to wear. So I saw my Mother on Saturday and I said do you remember the dress I wore the 1st day of school. She I remember a plaid. So did I blown and orange plaid .

So Sunday I took a trip to Joann Fabric. I was going to make my daughter a plaid dress. I started late Sunday afternoon 4:00, when I should have been sewing capes. I made brown plaid dress for my DD but she fell asleep before she got to have a fitting. So I crossed my finger it would fit.

It did! Here is the proof. I made it a little more 1950’s than mine and no smocking. I matched the plaid and made a complete circle skirt cut from one piece of fabric. I use a bias for the hem so it was easier then hand hemming. I love having a DD it like having a life size doll. She loved the dress and asked to wear it her next day at school.

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