Monday, September 1, 2008

Etsy Handmade Kid Contest

I just found out that I am a finalist in a Etsy Kids Handmade Contest. The finalist was chosen by some professional from the industry Like COOKIE magazine, an editor from MAKE and an editor from Martha Stewart. But I need votes to win. You must be registered as an etsy user to vote. Then you can click on my product “BABYPOP”

First register for etsy:

Then enter the Kids Handmade contest area

I am actually a finalist in 2 categories:
Handmade Toys- For my capes – SuperHero “Princess Capes Custom Set for Teddy and Child “

Handmade Clothes – for My dress “This is my house, My Car, My Tree”

Also I apologize to your wallet for introduction any of you who are new to Etsy. It is a great site for any and all things handmade (not just kids items) Take a look around (click on the etsy logo fro the front page) some of the artist are wonderful. Soap is a great 1st purchase. Try to buying handmade people love getting items that are not commercially produced.

Also once you log in you can make a favorites list. Jeff picks all my presents from my favorites list so he knows I like what I get, but it is a surprise.

Thanks for your help it would be a great honor to win.

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