Monday, June 14, 2010

Marrying Milo

Tonight while snuggling my 5 year old daughter

She informs me tonight… that she dating Milo (wow they start early) and when she growns up she is marrying Milo. She has told me this before but this time so I pry deeper..

"Why do you want to marry Milo" I ask

She shyly says" because I wuv him…"

"But why do you love him.." I inquiry

"Because he wuvs me.." she says with pride

"But why do you want to marry him" I ask

"Because he is handsome and cute" she says proudly

Pushing further "Well those are good reasons…who did you learn that stuff from"

She says "from Jason"

I say "how old is Jason"

She says" Jason is 2 and is cute.."

Oh I say so you are taking Dating advice from a 2 year old.

She "yes he walks behind me and walks to me and tells me stuff"

Oh ok..wise 2 year old I'm thinking

She then says "Then there is Ben, he wants to many me too"

I am in so much trouble.


Meg from Megs A Mommy! said...

Hehehe!! So cute!

Brandy said...

We will have each other to lean on during the much feared teen years!