Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dance Studio Recitals don’t have to be Painful

This week was my daughters 1st dance recital. I love it. I brought me back to the day of my own dance recitals. Her dance studio (MariLou Cassidy Dance Studio Glenside Pa) was way better than mine growing up the organization of the show was awesome. The actually did 3 shows but not every girl had to all 3 shows. Except for the older teenage girls. I remember my parents dreading the shows when I was a kid, 3-5 hours only to watch me dance for 3mins one time. My daughters school was 1 ½ hours and my daughter danced 3 times. One Ballet, one time for tap then the finale(her class is a ballet/tab combo). One costume they just dropped the tutu for tap. Also the tickets were all numbered and assigned seats which made for lack of confusion. We only had to show up 15min before because the girls knew what to do because they had rehearsals before. Her recital started at 11:00 am sharp but we were out by 12:30pm.  Every Dance studio should take a lesson from my daughters school. 

Then both sets of grandparents and and I gave her roses. She looked like she was the winner of a beauty pageant. (I am thankful that there is a product place down the road that sells flowers for $6 a dozen.) she said she could not wait to do it again! She loved the stage and lights!!

It was great, short, and not pain full at all Great Job MariLou Cassidy and staff!

A star is born!


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