Monday, May 10, 2010

What my fellow campers must think?

 So we got a seasonal camp site this year. So I planning on spending time up at our site this summer. So this weekend is the first time camping at our new site...Above here is a picture of a my mothers day. My mothers day gift this year from Mr. Aikens and the kids, this awesome lounge chair from Cabelas. So this is mothers day for me after fishing in the 50 degree temp with a strong wind…to me in my new lounge chair with a blanket and 3 layers, outside with my laptop is awesome…this is the vision…

This is my view ..the great outdoors

Grundy has a raised bed so is pamper butt does not have to sit on the rocks.

And my view of Mr. Aikens again in his natural habit. Complete with his prefer  Guess what he got for an early Fathers Day...(hint rhymes with AIR)

Who said 2 dueling laptops in the great outdoors.
Aha I love camping- no that is not our camper.. we have the Pop Up (glorified Tent) you can't see.

Just picture all the campers walking or riding by and laughing… you know I am ok with it,  It is my mothers day…ah I love technology.


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You are the Modern Day Camper!!!