Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Business Outside and Party Underneath

Just in case you did not know it I am a fashion designer.  I worked in the apparel industry in design and development for many years prior to starting BabyPop Designs. I don't get to design items as much as sometimes I like.  But on the rare occasion I do I have some fun.   This week was one of those times.  My sister inlaw was getting married this past weekend.

(Saturday before the wedding)
Amy calls me "Sher, I have a job for your daughter,  I need her to hand out the programs at the wedding" she continues "since I know she will wear something super cute and fun... and I know she will wear some of her jewelry"
Me.."No Problem she will be happy to be party of your special day"
what I am really thinking...(oh s_ _ t.  I don't know what I am putting her in I have not had time to make anything!!)
me.. to Amy "Is bright colors ok"
Amy  who is usally game for anything"The brighter the better she is a little girl"

(Aha/Light bulb moment)..So the time is come... Last year I commissioned Lori at MissRubySue  to make a headband for my daughter. My only request to Lori was hot pink, orange, and aqua.  I wanted to design a dress for my girl based on the headband.
( Next it is Wednesday Night) Picture me scrambling not one but 2 fabric stores to get the perfect fabric..
(Me having flashbacks to my teens) My mother was Right I do wait to till the last minute..as she is yelling at me while I was sewing my dress as I walk out the door to the prom
(Friday morning)  Doing final fitting and putting in zipper...then sewing the lining in the car on the trip to the wedding location...(my subconscious  ...see your mother was right)

(Saturday afternoon) So this is it... Hot Pink cotton sateen, Orange Taffeta,and Aqua peti-skirt with 4 layers of tulle trimmed in orange ribbon with a peekaboo of orange micro tulle. 

The dress was business on the outside and Party Underneath.. You would think she was getting Married....it is her cousin


Karla Trotman said...

adorable...but i am glad that i have boys. never have these issues.

Layne Designs said...

I wish I were small enough to have this dress! Those are my favorite colors! It's gorgeous

Elisabeth Fuchs said...

Absolutely darling!