Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Performance minus the Big Top

Tonight we went to the circus.. NOT! We went to a performance done by some very talented performer who are trained on the circus arts. The Philadelphia school for the Circus Arts performance of the Chrysalis. It was wonderful!

The theme of the performance was a how the cold winter, develops into spring and the arrival of the summer which finally bring the butterfly. The artistry of the performers was mesmerizing. I am particular fond of the women who preformed on the silks. There was an aerialist who was dressed spiderish and she was poetry. She worked the silks with very little support, using her up body to hold all her weight and still look beautiful doing so. The other memorable performance that was very unique, 2 women working in tandem on a large aerial hoop. They made the most lovely shapes between there 2 bodies. I was amazed the strength of the all aerialist. The more seasoned performers (which I assume are teachers) held other performers with one hand talk about upper body strength. I wish my arms look like theirs.

The Kyle Driggs who juggled and did gymnastic was an fantastic performer. He was very talented and dramatic which enhanced his performance so he was a favorite of everyone. He used the lights to create the most fascinating shadows on the wall. I was not sure to watch the wall or him. It is something you have to see live in person, so go. One performance left Sunday Night 25th.

I asked my kids when we exited, who was their favorite? Little Miss Darling Aikens answer "the girl who was dressed as a in green", she start the silks high up and graceful preformed and gently lowered herself down. She then informed me that she would like to take classes. I think she loves the idea of performing, the show concrete it more..I see Circus school is in my future.

My son said it was way better than the movie, he wanted me to take him to all day, he love the jugglers and unicycle. Big Mr. Aikens who has not been doing the theater lately with us said he really liked it and he would like to go again. So Bonus Mr Aikens might go again

The performance was at 8:00 at night, so there were very few smaller kids at the performance. It was geared for an Adult or older child, due to the music and dramatic parts that might have gone over a younger Child's head. Since I have been on" a expose my kids to theater" kick lately, both my children did excellent and we able to sit through the entire performance. Which would be best as not to disturb the performers. The show was about 2 hours total with a 10 minute intermission. The seating was tight and they were sold out. We did get tickets at the door but I would buy them a head of time next time. Seating is first come 1st serve. We were the 2nd in line and we opted to sit up close on the mats which was a good choice with the kids. Mr. Aikens sat on a folding chair behind us. They did not allow pictures during the performance, since flashes would distract the performers. I snapped the one above prior to the show starting. I would defiantly go back for another performance. I though the $10 admission price was well worth it. It would make a really great date night. 
 I found out about the school through a friend BellyButtonBoutique who was there for a child's birthday party, it was a great suggestion. I fanned the school facebook fan page, and they do have a mail list. They also have classes for Children through adults.  So check them out Philadelphia School for the Performing Circus Arts.

Who knows maybe I will take a class it was inspiring. 

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