Friday, April 2, 2010

I see her everyday and yet I ignore her beauty

Every day I drive by this magnificent mansion It is the Widener Estate  designed by architect Trumbauer he also designed Philadelphia At Museum the one Rocky ran up the steps. This magnificent home has fallen in to disrepair but still an amazing view of history. My daughter says everyday if we lived there we would have everyone we know could come live with us and she names the names, grandma, Pa Nana Pop Pop, our next store neighbors and so on. My son s says how sad it is that the mansion has fallen into such a state. 

So today we stopped and walked up to the gates... which are amazing ...I would love to see the inside...the house now belongs to a church group in NY and they have let it go... saddened I noticed,,,
what a beautiful day it was.
which lead to the next adventure for the day..

Hum... white cherry trees. My son said "we need to find a pink cherry"… so 5:30 at night we decided to drive around finding trees and taking pictures of the flowers. All 3 of us being obsessed this time of year with the Cherry Blossoms   my daughter points them out and my son remarks on how I love them..

So here is our photo journal of our search for the perfect early spring flowers. It took about ½ and we jumped out and took picture of the trees and hoped back in the car to find another. My son telling me "mom you are parked in a no parking zone… I think you broke a law mom"… me saying "I am 5 feet from the car it is ok. stop worrying "  I know not the best role model example...(really it is ok sweetie break the law)... in retrospect it could come back to bite me..but look at the flowers can you blame me.

 I hope we get out soon to take more picture... I have a few years and my son will say no more looking at flowers.  So I am so glad to share these treasured moments with him. 

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