Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homicide in the House

Today I walked down stairs and realized I did it finally happened I killed it…The plant which I have moved with me since prior to my meeting my husband 17 years ago. It died.
This plant has been to college with me where my roommates cared for it. Then back to my mother's where she cared for it. To when I moved in with my boyfriend / future husband he took pity and watered it. But the plant never liked me due to lack of love and neglect… so I committed a homicide against a prayer plant. 

I grew up in a green thumb family a long line of plant lovers and gardeners. But I fell far from the per verbally tree… like down the hill and rolling away. Yep, I can't keep them alive, every year plant flowers they never grow they dry rot in the pots which they came in. I even had a friend Alicia, an avid gardener offer to help with my "green impairment" and plant my flower bed… they did great! Then next year, I tried by myself planting hundreds of seeds …3 came up and they died due to lack of supervision. 

Then, you get those "perfect" plant people..(aka my mother) saying "Sherry, when you have more time you will be able to tend to plants", this being said as she walks around her house watering her hundreds of healthy colorful plants…
Me thinking I just don't care if they die.
OK ! I admit I am jealous of her perfect plant tending talent! I do have plant envy of others… but sadly for me it is just not in the cards and I can accept my failure. I like them when they come, but I am ok when they die because time heals all plants (..that and the trash can) so it is a sign of it is time to go buy more. Maybe, my kids will be the protector of the plants and water them? Hum

Ha Ha Ha I think wrenching my hands "I would Like to introduce you to my latest victim…Mr. Tulip"


Brandy said...

Sherry, you are so clever!!!

Sheri M said...

Well, your plant survived a LONG time... I can't get one to stay alive for 6mos, let alone 17+ years!!!