Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facebook aka Time Suck

Today I was think I have too much to do. I have to make 20-30capes, 1 teepee, 2 pirate hats, 3 tee shirts, dinner(s)/desert for a friends who family passed away, grocery shop for the before mentioned dinners. Write a blog post, tweet, answer emails, vacuum (like that is getting done) Drop off a dog to get groomed. Pack to go to my mothers. Oh I think I got pneumonia from the vaccine I got last week. But don’t have time to deal with that. And yet I am here on the computer …which seems to suck the life and time away from me. I have to say there is days I hate facebook because it is the ultimate time suck. (which Hate s a word my children is not allowed to use). Thanks that was my rant … Have a great day

Blog post DONE …what’s next

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