Monday, August 17, 2009

Don’t Mess with Texas

I like to show you the prettiest little teepee in all of Texas. It is for might fine school teacher from the lone star sate, she is doing her teaching place in a cowboy theme. She order this teepee for the place where the wee ones can read them thingy’s called books.

I decided to add a window for light, for the young-ins to see better. My son hollered “Mom it looks like an outhouse” dung gone it- I got it right. . I am just happier than a coyote following a wounded rabbit… with it because finally had an easier time with the clear plastic, so now I know the trick of working with it (tissue paper on top, plastic, fabric) and it sews like a my Mother on the day Daddy ripped his pants going to the county fair. I reckon you all, will see windows in more teepees going, on the count of me, known’ how to do it.

I was in such a hooting good mood, I made chili for a friend and ribs for dinner. Don’t they look good. Whoooo wee

Ya all have a good weekend, you hear!

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