Thursday, June 18, 2009

DIY The Easiest $3.00 Dress

So I went in to JoAnn fabric looking for the usually think I forgot. I walked bu there clearance area and saw the this fabric. The fabric was the little girls fabric that is pre elasticised a one seam dress with top and bottom hems done. It is a great item for the non sewer to make a dress for a kid, they also have adult versions. The Fabric was recently moved from $12 a yard to $3. So I decided to give it a try my little girl is going through a dress phase so play dresses are a win win. I bought a yard of 2 different fabrics.

The first fabric I picked up was an over the top hot pink cotton fabric with a rainbow graded chiffon over lay on top. I purchased a yard but only really need 27".
To sew it I sew the top part of "the gathers" on both layers. I then though it was best not to sew both layers together, (if I did it would pull fun and not move on her). So then I French Seamed the chiffon. This is how chiffon should always be sewn.
Then I sewed the inner later. I added a ribbon at center front to hold the dress up. Then I glued with a no sew a large stone to the front make a pool and push the stone into it, so it comes over the edge of the stone, allowing the glue to dry 24 hours. I used the extra fabric to make a Doll dress. My daughter calls it her Hanna Montana Dress.

The next fabric I bought was this cute cotton fairy dress fabric. I will be honest a little too pastel for me but I knew she would love it. This dress had no layers of fabric and was a straight seam right up the back and Ta Da you have a dress!
But of course I used the extra fabric and made sleeves. I cut a tulip leaf shape with a straignt top. I folded the top down, so I could tunnel the elastic in it I cut a 4" piece of elastic. Pulled the elastic in the tunnel secured at both ends and attached it to the dress. I added the daisy buttons to hided the stitches. Then I made a sash for the waste but a ribbon would have done nicely. I used the extra fabric, the top part not used for sleeves and made a doll dress

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