Sunday, April 26, 2009

I reached the Top of My Textile Mountain..

I have been sewing since I was seven and knitting shortly there after. I have felted and woven fabric, …But my Achilles heal of textile crafts has always been crochet. About 10 years ago I have taken lessons the older lady @ Michaels and she told me you are a knitter. “You work too tight, I have had 13 years that have learned faster than you”. Depress I left feeling like a failure. Fast forward 6 years… friend tried to show me to crochet I made a lopsided granny square…I put it down and never picked up. Truly fed up with the lack of progress… I chalked up to the fact I will never get crochet and it is the one textile craft I will never learn. Hopeless I gave up my quest to conquer crochet.
But about 2 months ago, the preteen Knit group I teach at the church, started making a blanket for the Pastor at our church who was having a baby. The 4 girls started knitting squares, for several of the girls they never finished a project. The girls all finished there squares, so I had to hold up on my end and put the square together for a blanket, The dreaded crochet.
I went to a good friend I knit with Knitting Zeal. She showed me how to crochet all the edges and attached them together. Then another friend showed me how to add a lace border. I was thrilled it was fun and quickly. The blanket turned out lovely my edging was a great touch to the girls wonderful work. The blanket is sure to be treasured by the baby and his family for years to come.

This past week I fingered out how to crochet flowers which are the perfect touch to a sweater I am making for my DD. In the next few weeks I am starting a completely crochet blanket. I have conquered crochet and I love it!!! YAY.


Diane said...

I love the scalloped edge! It turned out beautiful!

frugalframes said...

Yay, Sherry! I'm so glad you can crochet, now, too! We'll have to share patterns. I'd love to see how those flowers turn out!