Monday, April 6, 2009

Flower Pot Cupcakes or Cupcake Bouquet

Flower Pot Cake or Flowers in Pot Cupcakes I made my daughters Butterfly Princess Tea Party

I saw this idea at a bakery but the pot was plastic and it cost $30 for one pot with 6 cupcakes. I thought it was cool idea but cheap looking because of the plastic pot. So I decided to try it myself

2 boxes of cake mix (2 different flavors, I did white and red velvet
3-4 tubs of icing (I used white, strawberry- but you can get all white and use food coloring to make color of choice)
2 terracotta pots 4”x 5” diameters
2-3 Floral Foam small 3”x4”
Easter Grass or Paper Grass
6 Dowels small (1/4” or 1/3”)
1 foam brush
Wax paper
Paper towels
1 Bag of Large Gum Drops (I found them at Walgreens)
1 Knife

Make cupcakes according to directions on box made night before
Iced cupcakes (I used a pastry bag and tips for some of them then switched to the gold knife method.) I iced the morning of the party
I used yellow sprinkles and red hots for the red dot.

Flower Stems
1. My hubby cut the dowels in 3 parts cutting off the stickers for varied lengths.
2. Cover an area of table with wax paper cover with paper towel
3. Then my son painted the poles with water /green food dyed mixture (I put a squeeze in the water) New foam bush to apply it.

4. Let dry it took about 15-20 min (again did this the morning of the party)
5. Then put the gum drops on the painted dowels slide down about 2-2 ½” down from the top (be sure to put the top of the gum drop on first so the flat side supports the cupcake) (point side 1st)

Flower and Pot assembly
6. Cut the foam and put in pots

7. Put some grass in the pot, (a little not too much) you can add more later if need but it tend to get in the icing, so a little goes a long way. Too much you wont because to get the dowels in.

8. Using the tip of you knife cut a small hole in the bottom of the cup cake so the dowel will slide in.

9. Put the cupcake on the dowel then the dowel in the pot varying heights (but so they feel stable. Put the cupcakes in as straight as possible, so they do not topple off the dowel. Note: Do not move the dowel if they are wiggle you would loose a cupcake.

Cost break down:
3.00= Cake Mix 2 boxes ( I used 14 for the pots but 48 cupcakes for the adults)
1.25=Cupcake liners
4.50= Icing (I probably could use less but I like icing)
6.00=6 dowels
3.00= 3 foam (purchased at “The Dollar Store”
4.00= 2 Terracotta Pots
.69= Easter Grass
22.44=Total cost

I know I could have made it for less if I looked for sales on the items and purchased ahead of time.

Added ideas.. Paint the pots ahead of time with the theme of the party, I would have like to put decorate butterflies flying over the flowers. Or I could have used found containers in my home like a tea pots. Also if you had a large party you could use a long window planter. Mix silk flowers in the base.


MoraMomof5 said...

Fantastic Idea using the gumdrops. I have thought long and hard how to get the cupcakes to stay on dowels or skewers without falling down. I am going to "borrow" your gumdrop idea. They look great!

Michelle Pierce said...

You are a so stinking smart! Totally going to "borrow" this idea as well! Thank you for sharing. I was using toothpicks with my "flower" cupcakes to place in the pot and because they were moist they didn't always want to work and stay in place! This idea is fantastic!