Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Power of a Princess

So over the holidays I shut down the store and went to "Most Magical Place on Earth", so they say. We had a great time and I would say if you have a little girl and can afford to go more than once. Go to Disney when you little princess is almost 4 or 4ish. My daughter was entranced and speechless when it came to meeting here favorite Fairies and Princesses.

She did not mind waiting an hour in line for Tinkerbell and Bolt (new Disney dog movie). She made many friends in line. I must say Disney has learned something from my last visit when my son was 5. They have the character available almost from open to close. So the lines are not 2 hours any more. Also the later you go the better you avoid the crowds and the park is great at night, so swim during the day and go at night.

Also when we went to go see the Fairies the 1st new characters in 4 years, you went in a room with 3 fairies (tinkerbell, silver mist, and fawn) and our family was the only ones in the room. The Disney personnel took there time they did not rush you the fairies talked in character and took the the time to sign the books. my daughter was speechless and all smiles, telling the fairies "I have your movies and I love you" to also helped the moment that I dressed her in her princess gown. Very well done and We had more time with the Faries then Cindrella

Also a pleasant surprise was Rafiki hideaway, We got to see Pocahontas, when walked up behind us and was special because my daughter was sad from being in a dark room. She turned and hugged Pocahontas who made it all better.(mom could not make her happy but a fictional character did. She also gave a big hug to Rafiki I don't even know who he was... but she did not care she was at Disney.

My son enjoyed himself but he did tell me off to the side "that it was just people dresses up in clothes"... I had to tell him to shshssh so his sister did not hear.

The thing was I was exhausted from hours of work earlier that month. I needed a little magic. As the week went on I watched the kids and the fun they had. For my little princess she thought it was all real. I started to believe it, I started talking like a princess, I know odd.

Some people say wait till the kids are older but for you and your memories of your children being small. Do it when they are small enough that the magic is still there, because by kindergarten they don't get the magic as much. Sadly Little girls after the age of 5 don't want to dress up as princess and boys don't believe in superheros. So for you capture it an go while they are young and take allot of photos. If you can afford to go even for a day, take a 3-4year old and dress them up..and then you can feel the magic.

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