Thursday, January 15, 2009

Look at the Grocery Bill Differently?

1- I shop at Aldi's saving is the no frills store saves about .50-1.00 on most items. I do recommend getting their more premium product.. Like OJ Cheese, Don't Skimp there. It saves $50 at least on my bills

2- Dine Out Coupons We like to go out to eat Entrainment Guide they are available in most area a coupon book that have every thing from grocery stores to movies to wonderful place to go on date night. Or your ValPak type coupons

3- Slow Cookers and Pressure Cookers- They take a rough cut (less expensive) of meat and make enjoyable. I like beef and gravy in the pressure cooker

4- In general make a simple meal which cost less. Breakfast for dinner...Pancakes, or Eggs they kids think it is a treat and less advanced though has to do into planing.

5-Frozen chicken Breast they are 1/2 the price of fresh and taste just as good.

6- Always keep Rice on Hand you can stretch any leftovers by making it a stirfry.

7- Don't make separate meals for the kids. They eat what you eat. You make less food which saves time and money. They will not starve and less finickier eaters. we live buy the 3 bite rule One try it One to taste it and one to decide. On all items on the Plate every time even if they have had it before.

8- Avoid getting juice- serve the family water or milk. Juice has too much, sugar cost more and is bad for your teeth save on dental. Dinner in our house Drink Rule is Milk First then Water.

9-don't buy water... your town public water is fine. They check it and it has to meet regulations. Why spend if you don't have to.

10-Remember Dishes from when you were little, Tuna Casserole, English Muffin Pizzas, our parents made them because they were cheap. Who need steak and Salmon every night. So Go old School One a week. Dinner will cost $7 instead of $15.

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