Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Got Glove?

Take a look at my gloves section of the BabyPop Store. In case you did not know it I make "Adult" Gloves some are mature subjects 30+ designs and for you not the kids. They will make you smile take a look.

You ask why? Because I make capes and kids stuff all the time. The gloves are my mental break and they are just plain fun to design. I love putting ideas on gloves. I actually have a sketch book filled with more ideas.

The Pac Man gloves were choose by Dazed & Confused Magazine in 2007 (a British Mag... and no it is not about smoke the wacky tobacie) to represent etsy for there "The Dazed Digital 50" which was the 50 new best sites.

Here are some of my favorites:

I tend to be a little accident prone...ok lets say I have stock in Band Aids. The blood is offered at no extra charge

I designed these on a particular hard day with the kids...this glove has plastic on it with seed bead to show salt... shots any one?

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