Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun Statements this week:

The Disney Princess song comes on the radio ...Nat King Cole is sing..When you wish upon a Star.
My daughter ask "Mommy is this God singing?"
me..."Well no..." stumped think quickly Sher I say to myself "but Yes if you consider who gave him his Voice"
DD said "Then it is God and is he alive?"
me.. "are you asking Nat or God?...No/yes? "
DD " So I can see him in Church"
me " Yes lets listen to the princess song, Peanut"

If this is 3... I am concerned for age 5

Another remark this week from a neighbor boy as we walked home from school
He just informed his mom I passed his 2nd grade spelling test. Then he say ..."So Mom I think I am done with school... I don't have to go back tomorrow."

Logical thought I thought.

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