Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ode to My Pumpkin

How are you pumpkin?
I love you in the fall when you grow real tall
With the knife I skillfully cut to get all your guts
I carve all eve to make you grand, I even give you a hand.
I preserving you every night to hope that you will live to see a frightful sight
I forgot that faithful night you froze and the squirrels ate off your nose.
Then the day finally arrives and you look alive with the candle that glows deep inside.
But Alas the garbage you meet when the mold is all over your pumpkin feet.
Please come back my orange friend next time I promise you will not meet such a dismal end.
I am not a poet and I know it buT I love my pumpkins.

I had a my 2nd annually moms pumpkin carving party the picture is of the fabulous pumpkins. Every year it is a struggle to get the kids in bed. This year was no different they real enjoyed talking to everyone including KnittingZeal who was also in attendance. We had a great night finished 2 bottles of wine between the 9 of us. I did the "welcome" pumpkin this year because I was hoping my hubby would carve another one of our kids heads this year below is a picture of his last year. He is the carving artist. Time is running out and I don't think it is going to happen. I have day to make my daughter halloween costume.

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