Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun With The Sun!

Today we did a fun project with the sun. Solar Prints or Cyanotype. Which is a chemical process that use the sun as a catalyst and dyes the paper/fabric. I bought a kit to get started but I can't wait to explore more with this printing method more about that below.

  1. You take the paper which must be kept out of the sun (or fluorescent lighting)because once you expose it it does not work. But no fear the kit comes with the paper in a dark bag. I woulds carefully cut the bag so you can take one sheet out at a time. So get to the bag before the kids rip it open.

  2. Then you place you solid items on the paper.

  3. The kit comes with a window folder to hold the items down.

  4. Then immediately put it in the sun. It takes 2-3 mins in bight sun light the sheet will turn white/yellow it is done

  5. Take it inside to remove the shapes.

  6. Immediately and Careful rinse the paper in water it will change colors to blue as in the final image. You have to do rinse it otherwise it does not work. Trust me I did not read the instructions.

  7. Then I blot the paper dry sandwiched between 2 paper towels and then let it air dry completely.

So cool.

So It got me thinking about what fun this would be if you could play with fabric... Guess what there is a fabulous artist Linda Stemer's that already is and you can purchase fabric an of tee shirts from Blue Prints on Fabric I am thinking this is something I want to try when I go camping with the kids. In the woods go for a nature walk pick up leaves (watching out for poison ivy) then have the kids make tee's. What fun!

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earth and sun folk said...

very cool...i've been wanting to do one of these. great blog :)