Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So do you want to live on the street in a cardboard box?

So my 5 year old daughter said this past week "I wish I didn't have parents" this after my husband and I informed her she must clean her room or no friends over.

My husband dealt with the comment.

"so do you want to live on the street in a cardboard box…do you?" (harsh but effective)

My thought "was let me pack your bags… little girl" Since 5 so I kept it to myself..

She said "No" then she back down..

Later I thought about her original statements was I don't want to have parents instead of the "I wish you were not my parents" that I am sure we will hear from her mouth when she is 16…

..see up side.

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Karen said...

Nice to see other kidlet's bedrooms resemble my own kidlets' rooms....frightening! I tell them to set the timer themselves for 15 minutes and get as much done as they can. I used to go in and do a complete overhaul. But, this summer I'm resisting. You know, going with that train of thought that if they have to clean it themselves, they'll not destroy it as fast?! Hasn't worked so well. But, I'm sticking to it....at least for the summer (if it doesn't start to take hold by then, I'll reevaluate). Either way, thank you for sharing. Its nice to see other kidlets work within 'paths' in their own rooms. :>