Monday, July 5, 2010

Butterflies Helping to Heal

This week at Appalachian Campsites, we did their annual butterfly release to help raise money for cancer. The  event started last year to honor a longtime seasonal camper who passed from the disease. This year the amount of butterflies release doubled in size. The event was magical. My family purchased 2 butterflies honor my cousin and aunt who was/are a victim of cancer. My children released our butterflies. The butterflies are placed in these small triangle boxes each box is marked with the name of those being remembered and honored.  My son had issues with them being in boxes. Then all attendees formed a circle around a with a table with some butterfly flowers in the middle and we all released at the same time. The butterflies flew then  landed everywhere and started warming up by spreading their wings.  We also received a paper butterflies to keep with our loved one's name on it. They released 132 butterflies and rasied over $600 for the cause.
Here are some pictures of the event. 

Then once the event was followed by a roll and stroll to remember those who survived and passed.

Brandy of 3littlegiggles was at the in attendance with her family honoring those lost in her life.

What have you done to raise money for a cause? 
Have  you ever released a butterflies?

Please all get checked for you kids and loved ones..

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