Friday, July 16, 2010

BabyPop Bouncing and Giveaway

This past Tuesday We got invited to a blogging event at the Horsham Bounce U. Bounce U us is a inflatable bounce fun place. They host parties and open bounce times. Mama's Little Helper was the host of the party along with the Horsham Bounce U. The Horsham Bounce U is all new . They had 2 rooms with the bouncing equipment with about 3-4 bounce items in every room, They also were extremely well staffed making sure all the kids were well entertained and insuring every ones safety. My son is 9 but there were 1 year olds in attendance. Everyone was happy and safe through out the entire event. 

My kids favorite bounce:

My 9 year old son they had a spider web tower (2-3 stories tall with webbing strap maze) which was great. At the top my son said there was a slide to come down. I have never seen this type of equipment before and igt was refreshing to see the something besides the typical stuff. My son also loved the giant basketball. It was great because my son being bigger than most of the kids the staff did a great job at keeping him engaged. 

My 5 year old daughter she like the boxing bounce and giant slide.. But she was stalking…hum Following the girl dressed up as a Princess and the Guy dressed up as bat man. She must have follow them around and talked to them for 30 minutes.

After the bounce we got to get some refreshments. We were into an extremely clean refreshment area all the kids enjoyed snack. Then all the children got balloon animals… my son passed because he was too cool. 

I wanted to point out how clean the Bounce U Horsham was the rain was down pouring quite heavily hen we walked in they took all the coats and umbrellas and put them in large plastic rolling cart. Then as Diane of Knitting Zeal pointed out the bathrooms were immaculate no muddy footprint or wet messes it was a refreshing experience compared to other similar type places. 

It was a really great day I got to meet some amazing bloghers that I have tweeted with and seen around the blogessphere Some of them in attendance: Diane from Knitting Zeal, Corina from Down to Earth Mama, Kristie from Mommys high healed shoes, Megan 4megsmusings, Tara Baby Mommy Blogs , Joey from Real Mom Media, Jill from Bcffee, Kristine from Mommy needs therapy, Aaron Mitchell Phtography


Jennifer the Owner of Bounce U Horsham was nice enough to give is 2 free passes good for (5 free bounces) to offer to my readers. (sorry only for the locals)

Here is how to enter:

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Giveaway will be closed on July 30th. And winner will be notified



Chrissy Glen said...

Oh I love that pic of me :) Thanks chick! It was a GREAT day!

Lisa McAllister said...

We've been to several Bounce U's for birthday parties and the Horsham location is by far the best. I love that there is different equipment in the two rooms so that children of different ages, abilities and skill sets can all have a great time and I agree that the staff keeps it immaculate.

Lisa Reds said...

My son, Ethan, had his birthday party at Bounce U and I swear, it is is FAVORITE PLACE ever! Oh and I love the pic of Chrissy too! :)

Mommy Lisa said...

Just letting you know I facebooked - BabyPop, BounceU (which I didn't know existed), and I was already a fan of MamasLittleHelper. XOXOXO

PS I am Lisa Reds above. LOL