Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going to the Dogs in the Big Apple

So last Saturday we went to the Herbew National Better-Than-A-Picnic kick off event at Randall's Island in NYC. I thought it would be a nice day to spend sometime with just my daughter and  .. no boys. It was a interesting road trip my daughter and I went on . JoLynne from Musing of a Housewife and Mellissa from Girlymama arranged the Philadelphia contingent of bloggers heading up to the big apple. 

This was my first blogging event. I am not sure if it was the fact it was my first trip and things tend to go wrong when I am around. Our bus broke down but it broke down, the awesome driver made it a Wawa.. so it could have been worse it could have been in the middle of the turnpike. During our delay time my daughter teamed up with another girl and they became best buddies. After the a new bus arrived equipped with a limo like seat in the back, which all the kids quickly commandeered. We were off.. right through the middle of the big apple. I love the city. Upon arriving 2 hours later than expected in NYC organized Emily from the Motherhood greeted and welcomed all of us with open arms making us feel like we did not miss a thing.

Look at the view as you walked around the park. How could it not be a great day…

We ate yummy Hebrew National hotdogs cooked up in this converted airstream. 

We decorated Lunch Bags for Magic School Lunch Program

Puzzles of beef only the best cuts….done by Valerie's daughter  and my daughter


My little cowgirl rode the mechanical Bull.. Twice

We packed up and headed home around 3:00pm. It was a lot of fun meeting all and talking with all my bus mates Mellissa, Kelly, Robin,Whitney, Jo Lynne, and Valerie  and Andrea.

Thanks to Hebrew National hot dogs, The Motherhood, and new found friends for a fun day.


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