Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where the wild things are?

It seems I am seeing owls everywhere…Today we took a trip to the local zoo… not Philadelphia Zoo. But a small local zoo Elmwood Park Zoo. We got the membership for around $80 last fall. It has been great because we go often. It is not a huge "zoo" trip like heading to a large city zoo, Elmood Park is local and small enough that it takes an hour to walk around. There is also no fee to park and no annoying vendor selling something at every animal exhibit.  It also has a wonderful playground, with the membership we can stop by and entertain the kids, everybody ends up happy. Bonus: the kids never ask for anything "to remember the zoo aka souvenir " ...because we will always be back.

The majestic American
Me trying to chase down the peacock,...Him thinking "why is this crazy lady following me"
My wounded female human with a "boo boo" from last weekend's easter egg hunt..she drives me insane because she  never can look at the camera
This porcupine animal my son said it looks an over sized guinea pig…
This is our guinea pig Graham I don't see it..
 A close up View of a Mr. Aikens in his natural habitat (my husband)
The fox ripping into a animal of some sort.. 
My daughter saying "look mommy he is eating an apple" ...
Me "Yea honey, foxes love apples just like you" 
She says "can we get one as a pet?"... 
"No, not unless we want Graham to be lunch"
The great hunter Mr. Aikens capturing a wild animal with his bear claws
My wild 9 year old holding still for a picture
Resting after a long day
A rare picture of a Sherry Aikens,  since this animal is I am often behind the camera and tending to her cubs.
thanks for going to the zoo with us


Diane said...

Awesome photo of the kids and you! Looks like a fun day!

Brandy said...

Wish we could have stayed longer Sunday and enjoyed the zoo with you. Looks like you all had a blast!

Sheri M said...

What fun! We attempted the "Big Zoo" last Monday and couldn't get anywhere close. I love the picture of Mitchell (so handsome) and the one with the three of you. Erik got a kick out of the conversation about the fox...