Monday, March 22, 2010

High Schools Plays Break a Leg !

This past week I took my son to see a local high school play. Les Misérables he loved it. When I asked him would he like to be in a play he said" sure Mommy but not that one because some of the langue was in appropriate". 
But about the play, Abington High School is very lucky to have an extremely gift drama club. One of the leading men goes to Juilliard and many of they other male actors sing with the Keystone State Boys Choir and recently returned from a trip sing in Antarctica and Chile. Another local option is the middle schools, this past fall I took my son to see the middle school play " The Miracle Worker" and it was very well done, and they tend to be more age appropriate for younger kids.

 The benefits local theater 1. Cost 2. Expose you and your kids to the arts take them while they are young the will always love going. (My husband was not exposed as a child and I have to drag him to go with me) where as my son is an excellent date and he loves to go with me.

So now that school play season is upon us . If you don't live near Broadway, I would highly recommending trying them out the next American idol might be in your local high school.

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