Friday, February 5, 2010

What to do while waiting for kids

Since September I have been going to swim team practice 4 nights a week. 1 hour practice and 15 minutes (90 total hr) waiting for him to emerge from the locker room. Don't get me wrong I love the fact he loves the sport. Swimming it is a great sport good for you non jarring and lets face it I could not swim 30+ laps a night.

This I some of what I did what I did tonight

  1. Grommet(eyelet) many superhero mask… I tend to be a favorite with all the little kids always looking for a mask …" watcha doing?" they say … I think every kid at the pool under the age of 5 has a mask that was deemed unfit to sell.
  2. Ties knots for the above mentioned superhero mask
  3. Talk to other parents or not
  4. Take picture of child in the pool
  5. Take photos of kid not swimming
  6. Read a book… I have the attentions span of fly
  7. Thread windchime shells on to fishing line for Sunday school... 800 knots and counting
  8. Write a blog post like this one I don't surf because no internet access
  9. Have hanging 4 year old telling me she is hungry
  10. Dig through purse for the waiting child to have something to eat
  11. Edit photos
  12. Watch my son get yelled by the coach for splashing the other kids
  13. Draw really bad picture for my daughter
  14. Thinking why is it so crazy humid the pool
  15. (note to self must buy more deodorant)
  16. Find hair clip in bottom of bag to put hair up
  17. Thinking water must be cold
  18. I really must make sure I am not wearing my slipper socks when I come to swim practice
  19. The best is when no multi tasking is needed and I sit and watch my kid swim… 

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Brandy said...

Your blog posts are always so charming! I love reading them!