Friday, February 26, 2010

One of my favorite things

When I first had kids I never thought my son would every get the idea of sleeping in his own bed. I nursed him and it seems as my husband and I were never going to get a minute of rest due to this little boy that wanted to be on his mama all the time. I was never good at following the baby book where they said do not… nurse them to sleep. But finally Then he grew and got kicked out of our bed littler because he kicked all the time. My daughter was a preemie where as she never really slept with us, because she was so tiny when she came home at 2 months she only weight 4lb. So she slept like a rock and still does to this day. But as the kids get older. I miss the mornings. The morning of a little one coming to get warm in the bed.

Well this morning, My daughter wanted to snuggle, then the dog jumped up, and finally My son came to snuggle with his latest lego creation.

My husband groaned know the morning silence will never return for today.

Looking at my daughter… she said I wub you.. I gave her a kiss. And snuggled her in…

I love late snow days it is easy going and relaxed.

I look at my daughter the discussion went..

Me: you have a sparkle on you eye?

Her: Mom it's ok I was putting my microphone on my face It has sparkles Mommy.

Me: Did you put the microphone in your eye ?

Her: No Mommy I can't sing with my eye…

Me: Well don't get glitter in your eye

Her: Why then my eyes will be sparkly?

Me: Oh… sparkles will hurt your eye

Her; But Mommy your eyes are sparkly, because you are beautiful Mommy… I wub you.

I gave her another kiss..

My son was pulling the covers, discussing the finer points of his new bionicle. Then dog dissatisfied with the end of the bed jumped on me to squeeze in between me and my husband.. then someone said they were hungry and with that the moment was over. 

Squeezing 4 people and one obnoxious bull dog in a queen bed on a snowing morning.. was gone


Chelle said...

So sweet! I woke up to find our 2 year old in bed with us...totally miss the days of her sleeping beside me.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

AmberLee said...

oh, these are the moments we live for. what darling kids you have.