Monday, February 15, 2010

The 6th Day of My Captivity


It is the 6 day of my unplanned captivity

The kids (The Boy &The Girl) are home from school again- Presidents Day

The Boy thought he got off of school for Valentines.... what are they teaching in school?

They are complaining they want to eat but I have nothing in the house according to them..just nothing they want to eat.

Ask The Boy if he finish his home work…he actually says yes….today might be a good day.

They have eaten non stop over the last 6 days… ( what is with kids when they are stuck in house

I need coffee…

I forgot to order oil…

Nothing like a hot shower to cold air when you realize you forgot to order oil….my new found plan of negotiating the price of oil and not get taken by "the man"… yea "the man" is in a warm house…who is the smart one now?

Sent The Girl up to take a shower.

Thank you wood burning stove you heat my house- in this time of forgetfulness

I need coffee..

Fire wood needs to be brought in from the outside. Sent the boy out to do "manly thing" of bring it to the house. It will make him strong!

The Girl in the shower…she is singing, top of her lungs, wait till she gets out…burrr

Grundy The Dog hates the cold and had decided laying against the stove is the best option…later I will be going to the vet since he will burn himself.

The Boy just came in and said they are too heavy he got one piece of wood

I need coffee

Sent The Boy back outside for more wood

The Girl comes downstairs with same clothes…and undies but wet head and  the concept of clean clothes escapes these kids this weekend…sent her back up stairs to change.

The Boy just came back in said he is done.. I ask how much wood you get …He says "2 pieces" I say 2 more he says that is all I got"

The Girl comes down with a short sleeve shirt on…

Off to blow dry hair and find long sleeve shirt for The Girl.

Still have not made coffee


It is 9:30 am 23hrs to freedom… "they" said their might be snow tonight if so send Help..or coffee preferably Starbucks


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