Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 Strong Women worth watching

So I am not ashamed to admit it I love Oprah. My husband groans when he sees me watching her. But I think she really helps people. She reaches the masses hence her appeal. She does help with medical/mental issues but she also makes us laugh. She is human and flawed. This weekend I watched her shows on tivo. Whitney Houston was on, I have to say I watched all of it, hopping that Whitney did not destroy her voice with all the drugs and I cried when I found out she still had it. Now I know that seems pointless to my everyday life. But it was nice to share in the joy of her coming through, it made me happy for Whitney and how can that be bad. I dislike the idea that we have to sit in judgment of others that we have to squash others dreams.
which brings me to....
This fall I went to the Governors Woman's Conference in Philly. The main key note Speaker was Suzie Orman. But, the speaker who caused tears in the corner of my eyes was Judge Glenda Hatchett (yes the one from the Judge Hatachett Show) just so you know she was one of the highest ranking Female Black Judges in history and she also was a top executive in Delta. So don't judge...If you ever have an opportunity to watch her speak, go and hear her. The Judges speech was embowering and relevant. She embraced so many of my own morals of helping others, teaching the next(person) to move on and carry the flame. "reach back and give a hand to the women behind you."

So I guess it is the new school year or the power of being near so many strong women at the Governors Woman's Conference. I just was to say as you read this post help another and feel emotion because it helps you to feel alive and relevant.

Thanks Oprah, Whitney Huston and Judge Hatchet for being my mentors this week and inspiring me to continue with my dreams and helping other achieve theirs.

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Brandy said...

Wish I had been able to go with you to the Governor's Conference - sounds like it was AMAZING!