Monday, January 4, 2010

1 Reason My daddy is better than yours

I took the kids to their 1st ballet. While we were at the ballet my husband decided he was going to cut up the tree trunk from the tree that fell on the house in August. The Tree was 2 feet wide and he was going to not have the easiest time with it. So I came home and we all went out to dinner. While in the darken in the car my husband said that he started the chain saw and it started and the pull got stuck and the chain saw came back on him and cut his knee.

The 4 year said " Daddy you should put a band aid on that cut"

"No really Daddy a band aid would help Mommy puts it on mine and then they feel better"

He groaned "yes I will sweetie" and comment more that his knee was sore.

She continued "Maybe you should not play with the chainsaw Daddy?...They can be really dangerous."

She rambles "Maybe Daddy, Pa (mommys dad)should come and cut the tree, Daddy Pa has a chainsaw and he knows how to use it."

Still going on in her rant "I don't think you should use the chainsaw I think PA knows and is good with a chainsaws Daddy…I will ask PA for you Daddy because he is good with outside stuff Daddy.

And there is 1 minute my daughter managed to tell her Daddy that Mommy's Daddy (PA)was better than him with power tools. You know my Daddy is really good with outside stuff. But I still love my husband with is precocious daughter.

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