Saturday, October 17, 2009

I could not find the picture.

So today I was looking for a picture and I kept on looking...then I found it or them... Hershey
I don't normally blog about the down times in this cape makers life...but I wanted to properly say good by to my loving friend and super pet,  so after 2 weeks I can finally post my thoughts.

After 15 loving years my faithful Doberman Hershey came to the end of his life. He was an amazing dog. He serviced not only his family but the outside world. Hershey served as a therapy dog for nursing homes for 5 years visiting those people who did not have visitors or love ones to be with them as they passed into the next life. Hershey was their people. I think of Mr. Max who saved crackers for the Hershey every week which he took from the cafeteria. Or the women who had a stroke and did not respond to any other stimuli but Hershey would make her cry. I was told that many of the people Hershey visit did not participate in any activities and Hershey was it. He stood high enough for the patients to reach nudging their hands with his nose to be pet. He never laid down and never tired it was a job he was born to do. Hershey was crazy and lively outside but when he worked he was all about compassion and knowing able bodied from the weak. Hershey was as used to raise funds for the Humane Society of Broward County Florida he participated in fashion shows or sitting with me as I wrap gifts to raise money for other homeless animals.  He was always a draw for people to come and see what an adopted dog can be.

When it comes to the Hershey that lived with my family. I think of the times he flew over the back couch when we got him. He was into jump over things in the early years that couch never stood a chance. Oh he was a runner he loved to visit the neighborhood. He would take off and only by car you could catch him,  hopeful someone would stop and pet him. Then his training began 2 years of dog school for me and my too smart for class dog. He training me. He was a model student learning stays and heals and even hand signals… all in the hopes he would serve others. He use to sneak into bed with us every night and squeeze us out so he could but his head on a pillow. When he was 5 we adopted a playmate for him Mona, he treated her like just one of the gang it was like clash of the titans when they played 2 large Doberman on there hind legs. When she died he mourned for her loss. When I was pregnant Hershey was there for me, once I slept on him for 2 hours in the middle of the day and he never moved. Once the kids were born he was gentle and kind (also seeing them as a food source). Being the forever runner(hence the reason he was at the pound to begin with) At the age of 10 Hershey was hit by as car, I was a sound I will never forget. He limped back to me dragging his leg, then licking my hand as I drove him to the vet emergency care. Hershey sat for 9 months in a cast, being as amazing as he went through 3 surgeries wagging his tail all the way. He ran with a cast on his leg just like there was never anything wrong. He laid for every still for every time the bandage was changed and x-rays were taken. He spent the next 5 years being there for my family. Always happy face  to see me when I was home alone working. The thud on the couch as I walked in the door…”Hersel” I would say and he would there was the familiar sound of his collar and groan. Making the trip every day up to the school to pick up my son, joyfully wanting all the children to pet him. I have had many people over the years non-dog people tell me they don’t like dogs, but they like Hershey, Doberman and all. On his finally day he made the last trip up to the school, take a break every few steps, just to see the kids. I think he has had a truly blessed life and touched everyone he met. So remember him even if you don’t know him and be thankful he walked the earth.


tattytiara said...

15 years for a dog that size, and especially for one to go through such a major physical trauma late in life, is quite an achievement. I have always maintained, too, that animals only live extremely long lives when they have an extreme amount of love in their lives. He was blessed to have had you and bless you for sharing that wonderful dog with so many other people as well. I'm sorry for your loss, but definitely heartened to hear about a pup that had such a wonderful life.

punchanella said...

again, i'm so sorry about your loss. it feels completely awful.

Chelle said...

I am so sorry for the loss of Hershey. What a sweet, kind and beautiful dog he was. I teared up reading about him as a therapy dog. So sweet, so caring.

Big hugs to you sweetie. I know the pain of losing a family pet and it hurts so bad. I am amazed you had 15 years with him--that's amazing! {{{hugs}}}

Lonesome Road Studio said...

I am so sorry for your loss; I miss each and every one of my four cats who have passed, and treasure every day I spend with my cat Chong and rescue dog Jane. Hugs to you; this is such a hard thing to go through but your precious furbaby lived a wonderful life with you.

Ruth said...

I'm so sorry about Hershey. Lots of good memories though.

Deb said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Our dogs become such an entwined part of our lives. I have all the ashes of my Danes in a basket by the fireplace, and they will go with my ashes when I die. Such a sweetie your Hershey was, I am sure he will be waiting for you at the Rainbow bridge.