Saturday, May 23, 2009

BabyPop on Good Morning America

BabyPop was on Good Morning America yesterday Friday May 22. Tory Johnson of GMA did a great job showing the talents of the etsy sellers. It was such as great experience and national exposure for the capes. These superhero sets were made for Good Morning America. I was asked to pick my favorite colors to show of my work. We had a great time picking the designs and colors.

I loved the boys lighten bolt set My new model did a great job he was so cute.

I also did a Pirate set complete with a tee, cape and do-rag.

Also a Princess Cape set ( i also included a crown that was not used)

The best Part it was also my birthday...GMA gave me a really great gift. Thanks Tory, Etsy, GMA and all those involved to make this happen for BabyPop(me)!

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bopbopdesigns said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations!!!