Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our New Pet Frank?

So this past Saturday was my DS birthday. We had 26 kids and a very busy day. The party was held at The Insectariums in Philadelphia.

The Insectariums is a product of a exterminator turned a Please Touch Museum …but coach roach style. Apparently the museum started when kids use to come by the exterminators front windows where he had his bugs displayed. The children noticed the bugs in the window… the owner thought why not start a museum and charge all the people to come in and see the bugs.
My son love bugs so he though it was great. I got a little crazy when kids are running all over the place, so it was more difficult for me. The place was a little well loved looking but great for the kids.

The 1st floor is mainly dead bugs in glass boxes, except for a full size kitchen set up in the middle of the room incased in glass. Our Tour Guide sprayed water and live roaches come out of the cracks in the kitchen for the water. Nasty! Also if you are brave you can eat bugs. 6 adults and 2 kid partook in the bugs…Yum…I did not. The 2nd Floor was the live bugs. It was neat to see the various living bugs spiders,millpedies. It was hard for our tour guide to keep the kids attention with such a large group. They sat for the viewing of the Madagascar Hissing Coach Roach but she lost them when she moved to the other insects. The museum had a small spider web set up with the web made out of rubber tubing which was the big hit for the kids to climb on.

We had cake in The Insectariums party room. My husband made the cake…without a pattern it was a fly. I made the party favors which included soap with bugs in it, they looked like bugs in amber . I will post instructions in my blog later this week. Also I could not resist the opportunity to make clothes for the kids.

The Best Part of the day according to My son, was when he got a new pet for his birthday. My sister in law though it would be nice(or payback) for my son to get a live Madagascar Hissing Coach Roach as a gift for his birthday. So after the party was over my son went a pick out a roach. The Madagascar Hissing Coach Roach only eat dog food, fruit, and vegs. He moves really slow but, will live for up to 5 years. The hissing sound is like air rushing out of a tire.
So we now have a hissing coach roach living in my home… in a cage. My son named him Frank. Does anyone else think this is odd? I hope Frank does not call any friends over for a visit?

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