Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ms. President?

So this morning I tell my daughter “Today is a very important day!”

Her “Why”

Me: “Because we got a new President”

She says “Who?”

Me: “The man on the television. Barack Obama”

She says: “The Rock Obama…" she then sings "Rock Obama, Rock Obama..roock Obama.” swinging her hips.

Me giggling: “Do you want to be president some day? “

She says “Yes President Erin…. so I can be on TV” "rock obama..rock obama.."

Me: “And you can be after today”

Rock Obama Rock!

1 comment:

Shauna said...

awesome! my son loves it everytime he sees Obama on TV or in magazines... he screams and points and tells me it's 'Omama', in case I didn't know. I've never seen a 2.5 year old so excited over a president. However, good choice. And President Erin has a ring to it... yes?!