Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Favorite Holiday-Smiles for All

So Halloween came and left.

Out of all the holiday Halloween in my Favorite. It is the perfect Holiday Because every one is happy. Here are my reasons:

  1. The Kids Love It- candy and dress up... what could be bad from there point of view

  2. No Homework- Teachers spare the parents from fighting with the kids to get it done

  3. Older people with out kids have the joy of having complete strangers come to there door and they are happy to see them.

  4. Smiles all around Parents love watching the excitement of there kids and reminisce of their childhoods

  5. Low cost you don't go into debt for Halloween- some costumes and candy. Homemade costumes are given there props.

  6. No major family commitments hopefully.

  7. No clean house required.

  8. No holiday let down like after Christmas because you still have Christmas and thanksgiving

I Made both the kids costumes this year which was nice. My son has wanted store bought since he was 4 so it was nice to make his this year he was a Bat. I made wings and stuffed them for the bones in the wings and sewn them on to the tee.

My daughter wanted to be a butterfly princess. So I started with the wings I found them at a rite aid i was going to make them there is actually videos on utube how to do it. Then I found the great fabric at JoAnns. So I started sewing Thurs night at 9:00 and finish at 3:00 am. (the cape was made quickly in about 1/2 hour in he morning) I used a store bought pattern for the top part of the dress (sleeping beauty wedding dress) which i put a velour back on so she could use the dress for play. (last year she never worn the dress again because she could not get in it on her own.) Then I drafted a bottom since i wanted it 2 layers and wanted a com bind affect. I also drafted the cape. I added slits so the wings could show while being worn. I made a tutu crinoline for under the dress for the puff affect. The front of the skirt was cut on the bias and grew all day. So by nighttime I sewn the hem just to get it out of the way. Tim Gun would have not be proud.

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