Thursday, July 31, 2008

Longwood Gardens

We went to Longwood Gardens this past weekend. I visited as a child. But it was a different experience as an adult as seen through the eyes of my children. I remember the flowers but the colors are stunning and crisp. For a designer it was a feast for the eyes. It brought me back to my more recent my visits to Pikes Market in Seattle during the month of August. Hot Pinks, Lush Greens, Rich Purples, and Deep Oranges. I kept asking myself all day why can’t I get my hostas to look like that …oh then I remembered I have to water them.

I could stay in the lily pads all day it was peaceful even though there was a ton of people moving around there was a hush of awe. My DS thought the mosquito fish were “real cool” in with the lily pads and sat quietly looking at them in the water, I had to drag him away from the ponds.

The staff dyes the water black for 2 reasons to cut back on algae growth and also to hide the under water pipes and drains. I think because it makes for great pictures.

Look at some of the colors against the black.

My surprise was when the children asked to come back they wanted to explore more they were not bored by the flowers and plants. The children’s area it was fun for the kids, because the could put there hands in the fountains and play with the water. But I wondered what Longwood would do with the children’s area during the winter. My kids were soaked and the area seemed to be permanent wet clothes cold weather not good. I also wished that had an area to do an activity with the pot a plant?

It was a color overload for the designer and colorist in me. I wish I could capture there vibrancy them hold them close, I came up with many new designs and wish that I lived closer than 40minutes away.
The best part is we are now the pround owners of a Venus fly trap plant. A gift for my son.

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